Broadcast Solutions

ITELCO Broadcast is worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of Broadcast Radio & Television equipment and solutions, from low to very high power, both analog and digital.

Product Lines

Nowadays ITELCO offers a complete range of systems for digital terrestrial signal transmission for all main international standards.

The products cover multimode Exciters up to compact Transmitters (ALPAN series) and Gap Fillers, from the air cooled Thalna line to the liquid cooled Northia line, including also I.O.T. technology equipment sized from 5W up to over 100kW.

Big Projects

The realization of big projects and of products complying specific customers’ requirements is achievable involving the significant Research and Development department which counts on teams of expert engineers and designers, supported by the Sales Office consolidated experience.

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Special Applications

Scientific and special applications are a strategic company business unit.
Products include low and high power systems using radio frequency for advanced
physics such as scientific applications, biomedicine and aero-spatial developments,
being considered special applications.

Available technologies are solid state and tube,
including IOT, Tetrode and Klystron.

Conseil Européen
pour la Recherche Nucléaire

Project Reference


Our equipment is the result of an intense teamwork with international research
laboratories and constant attention to customers’ needs (often experimental).

We develop solutions after careful analyses and project evaluations as required by
such particular application fields.

Uppsala University and
Università degli Studi di Trieste
Project Reference

From here, many other challenges prove
Itelco Broadcast’s reliability
in the different technology areas being a
further guaranty for our customers.

WorldWide Experience

Our experience in worldwide installations of our products lead us to that knowledge and structure level necessary for offering excellent service and for covering the whole process stages, from design up to installation and commissioning, within television and radio broadcast.

Moreover, Itelco Broadcast offers custom-tailored turnkey solutions to any kind of requirement, for analogue and digital television communications, mobile television, microwave radio transmission, wireless broadband access and network infrastructure.

Turn-Key project

Our Turn-Key project division provides a wide range of services and products, from planning, installation, maintenance and operation of complete networks and systems up to shelters, microwave links, wireless, wired and broadcast networks.