Itelco Develops New Advanced RF Transmitter Cooling Technology

Cutting-edge technology improves transmitter efficiency, cooling performance, thermal stability and more

ORVIETO, ITALY—3 rd April 2018 —

Itelco, part of the Elenos Group, has announced a revolutionary new patented cooling technology that it is now commercializing.

Dubbed Geysertech, this groundbreaking technology, developed for implementation in radio and television transmitters, provides users with new levels of energy efficiency, cooling performance, thermal stability and power density.

Geysertech is based on a hybrid air/liquid cooling method, and is the sole cooling technology able to provide maximal thermal stability for electrical devices independent of room temperature. Operators thus profit from unparalleled functionality thanks to reduced maintenance, low device temperature and less concern about room temperature.

Geyserty, the proof-concept derived from the advanced Geysertech technology, improves the efficiency of current air or liquid-cooling systems. The easy-to use and maintain technology ensures that pallet temperatures, direct and reflected power, liquid pressure, room temperature, humidity as well as dust and corrosion are kept in check.

“With Geysertech, radio and television professionals will gain in time, energy and efficiency,” said Gianluca Busi, Marketing Manager at Elenos Group. “We have spent four years developing this technology with in mind the single goal of facilitating the day-to- day operations of every broadcaster.”

Geysertech technology has already caught the attention of researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. In fact, Itelco, part of the Elenos Group, will be delivering its new generation of Geyserty amplifiers to CERN before the end of 2018 for implementation in the organization’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments. It is also planned to introduce the Geysertech technology for radio and TV transmitters from the Elenos Group companies in the second half of 2018.

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